Medicare Open Enrollment

Medicare Open Enrollment: Time to pick a plan

Medicare Open Enrollment is here and runs until December 7! We know many people find and compare health plans at during Open Enrollment. This year we’ve made some improvements to provide you with more personalized help with your plan choices.

We’ve added a simplified log in option through your account, for a more personalized experience. You also can still log in with your Medicare number and a little more information or do a general search of Medicare plans by entering just a ZIP code. If you’re comparing plans through your MyMedicare account and need help or have a question, you can access our new web chat feature to connect with a customer service representative online and get answers right away. Watch a video about these improvements to help you find the right plan for you.

Picking a plan is an important and personal decision. Here are some things to think about as you compare Medicare plans to find one that meets your needs:

Does the plan cover the services you need?

Think about what services and benefits you’re likely to use in the coming year and find coverage that meets your needs. If you have other types of health or prescription drug coverage, make sure you understand how that coverage works with Medicare. And, if you travel a lot, check to make see if your plan covers you when you’re away from home.

What does the plan cost?

The lowest-cost health plan option might not be the best choice for you – consider things like the cost of premiums and deductibles, how much you pay for hospital stays and doctor visits, and whether it’s important for you to have expenses balanced throughout the year.

Are the plan’s providers and rules convenient?

Your time is valuable. Where are the doctors’ offices? What are their hours? Which pharmacies can you use? Can you get prescriptions by mail? Do the doctors use electronic health records or prescribe electronically? Answers to these questions may help you decide which plan is best for you.

What plans perform the best?

Not all health care is created equal, and the doctors, hospitals and facilities you choose can affect your health. Open Enrollment is also a good time to ask yourself whether you’re truly satisfied with your medical care. Look for plans with a 5‑star performance rating—the right expertise and care can make a difference.

Remember that even if you’re happy with your current plan, things change from year to year—so it’s important to take the time to compare.

Courtesy www.Medicare.Gov